a is the new library by Adrian Latorre.
The library is still in development, but it's safe to use in production (at your own risk).
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How it works

The usage of a is pretty straightforward. Here are some examples:

    // import the library first
    import a from 'a'

    a.hi()       // Prints 'Hi'
    a.contact()  // Sends an email to a.latorrecrespo@gmail.com
    a.chat()     // Sends also an email to a.latorrecrespo@gmail.com
    a.call()     // As you cannot call from node, it just prints the phone +34661858060
    a.bye()      // Prints 'Bye'

I know that it's a little bit difficult to grasp at first, but with a little bit of effort, one gets used to it. You can try the actions without having to download the library:


Without those libraries, hea wouldn't work. Contrary to what is common, more and more dependencies are beeing added as time passes.

    dependencies: {
    devDependencies: {

Download CV

If you prefer, you can download a Code Visual also known as CV here.

Download CV

Libraries using it

Some libraries that are using a in production (crazy), so here is a big shoutout to them.


Barcelona, March 2019 - in production currently

First usage of a in the PropTech Sector:

  • Lead the Frontend stack of Housfy (Vue.js, Nuxt.js)
  • Implement MyHousfy, a fully featured PWA to provide value for the customers
  • Implement a good testing (Jest/Cypress) environment
  • Implement analytics tracking


Barcelona, Sept 2015 - March 2019

One of the biggest companies in the delivery ecosystem right now. Glovoapp has worked with a as Technical Lead and has done pretty cool things with it:

  • Lead the Frontend stack of Glovo (Vue.js, Nuxt.js, HeadlessCMS)
  • Lead the Growth / B2B team
  • Implement & A/B Test multiple RPO improvements
  • Implement Glovo Prime
  • Implement Glovo Member Get Member program
  • Implement Glovo Business
  • Migration of the Glovo webapp from Angular to Vue.js. Here is a great summary of it A wonderful journey: migrating from Angular to Vue (and why not React)

Oliva App

Barcelona, Feb 2015 - Sept 2015

Small startup with a focus on delivering a high-tech solution to improve the filedity amongst merchants. Oliva used a alone to build the whole Android application and website and implemented some very interesting technologies as NFC and QR codes.


Barcelona, 2013 - Sept 2015

One of the most important IT consultancies in Spain. First real world implementation of a in production. Of course, a lot of bugs were found but fixed and improved until reaching the status of Solutions Analyst.


But a is not only used in serious companies. It can be used for a lot of things. Here are some examples.

Open source projects

  • tabeditor: Add a rich-text editor for your "new tab" page. tabeditor
  • vue-enabled: A simple Vuejs library to dynamically enbale properties.
  • vue-multianalytics: A Vuejs library to implement event tracking over multiple platforms.
  • moneeda-node: A cryptocurrencies node library to call moneeda (another project from Adrian Latorre, but private) API endpoints. Basically, a library that implements all the possible calls to Cryto exchanges such as Gdax, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex, Binance and Liqui.
  • angular-typeform: The typeform platform didn't work with angular 1, so we did a library to make it happen.
  • restaurand: Android application that suggests random restaurants from your favorites. Implements all kind of Google APIs.
  • University final project: Android application that uses Wifi-direct and GCM to find real-time parking spots and an notify emergencies.

Other projects

Yep, a is also used in more private projects, such as friends/family webpages. A must check is Espacio Meraki

espacio meraki


Yes, awas is famous and has appeared in the media. Sharing knowledge has been always a must.




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