About Me


*This is me and my friend

Let's do this. My name is Adrian Latorre and I am 24 years old. I was born in Boston (Massachussets) but shortly after I came back to Barcelona (Spain) where I've been living all my life.

  • What are you currently doing?

Glad you asked. I have finished my studies and I am doing my final project. It a few months I'll be a Telecomunication's Engineer. But of curse, at the same time that I am studying I also have a lot of projects going on.

But the most important thing is that I am doing an internship at everis , a technological consultancy. On my daily-basis I develop in Java, do SQL scripts and analyse problems to find an elegant solution to them.

I cannot help it, I have to be doing several things at the same time. I'am also a member of the Organisation Comitee of IMPULSA , a forum where all entrepeneurs are reunited. If you are an spanish student you should definetively check it up.

  • Why are there so many Android things in this website?

Because I am a complete geek. I love technology and I love Android phones. With a couple of friends we created El Androide Libre one of the most important Android websites in Spain (and all the world). Also, with the help of another friend I have created Ready2root , a website to help you gain root privileges on your Android phone. And there are a lot more projects that I am working on, so keep tuned for more news!